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Go Jetters, Go! Introducing the first, paid app to feature the new CBeebies favourite, Go Jetters!

Launched in October 2015, the series follows the adventures of four plucky heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, the disco-loving unicorn, Ubercorn. Along the way they learn Funky Facts and fix the messes that Grandmaster Glitch has made of famous locations.

Widely trailed on BBC 1 and launched in the UK, Canada, Australia, China and France it has also achieved over 10 million iPlayer views since launch.

App is the eighth in the series of paid-for premium CBeebies apps created by Scary Beasties.


  • Help the Go Jetters as they travel around the world fixing glitches caused by Grandmaster Glitch.
  • Collaborative gameplay with up to four players working together to collectively thwart Grandmaster Glitch.
  • Take your turn to spin the globe and travel to 10 different famous locations.
  • Play over 40 exciting mini-games with a variety of gameplay styles designed to appeal to the youngest and oldest of Go Jetters fans.
  • Fresh content with a different set of mini-games every time you play.
  • Learn educational facts about all of the locations you visit.
  • Encourages sharing, helping and social interaction between players.

You can download Go Jetters Fix That Glitch on iOS and Android now: http://www.gojetters.com/app/index.html