The Ghostkeeper’s Journal and Field Guide AR

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Name: The Ghostkeeper’s Journal and Field Guide AR
Client: Carlton
Product: iOS and Android App
Date:  October 2018

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Scary Beasties created the Augmented Reality App to accompany Carlton’s Ghostkeeper’s Journal. It was the winner of the FutureBookLive FutureBook of the Year award.

The Ghostkeeper’s Journal is a completely new book and app experience which takes you into a magical world of ghosts and spirits. Powerful new Augmented Reality effects lead you through a gripping story that lets you become the hero. Follow the story through the Journal, then view the pages through the Ghost-o-Matic app to see pictures move, reveal hidden messages, and trap dangerous phantoms.

Agamemnon White – SPRUNG Ghostkeeper, child prodigy and tuna sandwich obsessive – has gone missing. All that remains of him is his Journal. As the head of Ghostkeeping for the Western region, Ag was collecting the most powerful ecto-energy types known to man in this very book. Your task? Read Ag’s Journal and use the app to retrace his footsteps and help rescue him.



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